The 2016 Annual Moules & Boules at Aldeburgh

Last August 2015, an event called Moules & Boules was held in Aldeburgh, where 32 pairs competed for the Moules & Boules trophy. This was sponsored by The White Lion Hotel located in Aldeburgh. Despite the harsh downpour that occurred the night before, a sweeping drive was done to get rid of the water on two of the pistes, but the weather was fine and gradually got better on the day of the event itself.

240_F_107922922_cLxF7zS5fwM5RowavYQjgK7fUtiBlNpDEach pair in the event had 2 qualifying matches to play. Drawing of lots was done and from those qualifying games; the number of pairs was cut down to a half after getting eliminated in the said matches. The remaining teams were able to enter the knock-out stages and many were seen being eliminated. When the event was nearing its climax, around 16 participants were left and the two pairs of rivals were seen in a heated battle as the spectators saw Martin Inglis & Pete Sharkey beating John Willis & Jon Shallow in the Grand Final.

The trophy was presented by The White Lion representative, Julie. In return, a cheque for £320 was given to the designated charity, the Aldeburgh United Charities. A lot of people mentioned it being tiring yet fun at the same time. The event had accomplished many things, and so The White Lion promised financial support to Coastal League juniors who took part in the event and another pair who reached the Quarter-Finals.

After the success of this event, there was another Moules & Boules last July 16, 2016 at Aldeburgh. The event started at ten o’clock in the morning and ended at five o’clock in the afternoon. Registration is just £10 per pair and entries are registered through Jeff Short.

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