Rules of Petanque

Petanque is a form of boules where the goal is to toss and roll steel or stone balls while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground. As any game goes, one should know where to play, select the boules to use, and which team goes first. In

2016 Petanque Tournament Results

The 2016 Petanque Tournament was held in Lafayette where members of the petanque community, who were coming from Louisiana, Texas, Belgium, France, Romania and far beyond, gathered together to win medals and awards. Since the Petanque World Championships started in 1959, the countries with the most gold medals were France,

The 2016 Annual Moules & Boules at Aldeburgh

Last August 2015, an event called Moules & Boules was held in Aldeburgh, where 32 pairs competed for the Moules & Boules trophy. This was sponsored by The White Lion Hotel located in Aldeburgh. Despite the harsh downpour that occurred the night before, a sweeping drive was done to get