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At Laboule Integrale, we provide the latest news and reports about the Petanque sport featuring both the local and international aspects. People come and go, wanting to know more about the Petanque sport, the results of the game, any upcoming tournaments, and the rules of the sport. As a group of Petanque players and instructors of a school in France, our mission is to give out the important information for anyone seeking for answers about the Petanque world. We want this website to be accessed easily for a number of people in order to help them know more about petanque.

A little brief look at history, boules games are games that include throwing and rolling stone balls toward a goal or target. The Petanque sport is usually done in France. Boule games were played there during the era of the Middle Age, Renaissance and Enlightenment. According to a document signed by Ernest Pitiot, the inventor of the sport, petanque was first played in 1910 to accommodate a French player named Jules Lenoir. The first tournament was organized in 1910 by the Pitiot brothers, proprietors of a café. The game soon quickly spread and became the most popular form of boules in France.

After the development of the all-metal boule from their wooden ancestors, the petanque sport spread from France to the rest of Europe and to countries around the globe.

Laboule Integrale also shared the same name with the first manufacturer of boules made out of bronze aluminum alloy or basically metal. The company was said to have been started around 1923 by a man named, Paul Courtieu. This manufacturing brand has been banished for years since the public auction back in 2011, due to an issue regarding the company nearing bankruptcy. It has been officially put to sleep in the year 2013.